Morning Perfection

I am coming to love early mornings. The tranquility of mornings is amazing. I have longed for a morning with fog. There is something calming about a fog draped landscape. In the city, I rarely see fog, so I often think it doesn’t exist. I rose early this morning. I have discovered I enjoy starting my Saturday’s near the river. I was thrilled to see fog hanging over many of the low spots in the landscape.

The temperature hovered in the mid 70s. It is nice to be out before the heat of the day. The wildlife like these temperatures as well. I spotted more deer this morning and a great blue heron. I had decided to let my dog ride along today, so patience was more difficult to come by (He was less than thrilled with the river). I may return early tomorrow without the dog and just set up quietly and wait. Wildlife photography takes patience, and I was unable to get any good captures.

This morning’s photo is one I tried getting last weekend, but I was unhappy with the results. This morning’s fog lightly blanketed the field. The scene reminded my of my childhood. I love old barns. They often make great photos.


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