Morning Peace

Early morning, before humanity has risen from bed, is a time of vast enjoyment for me. It is a time of peace, relaxation and contemplation. There is nothing more rejuvenating than taking a stroll down a trail or riverbank and listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees and smelling the freshness of early morning.

Recently, I discovered a restful place. It is a place with water and flowers and wildlife. I watched two deer grazing in a nearby field. I enjoyed the scent of honeysuckle in the air. I listened as the water and birds sang in perfect harmony. These are the places I enjoy. I watched as a fly- fisherman plied his craft in the river downstream and wondered how hard it would be to learn to cast a line like it’s a feather. We were the only two on the river Saturday morning.

During summer months, it can be a busy location. I had taken my grandson to this area the Saturday prior. We had a good time as the shad tickled our feet. We laughed and caught nothing. It was merely a time to share. On this Saturday evening though, I would return to the river again with a friend.  As others sat on a nearby gravel bar enjoying the summer evening, some swung on a rope into a deep hole. We sat on a log that had fallen into the water rocking it and talking about life. It is a cleansing place.

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