Out of My Comfort Zone

By: Julie Willson

Jun 07 2011

Category: Coffee, HDR

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To truly grow as either a person, or as a photographer it is necessary to step outside what I am comfortable doing. I love photographing nature. I love flowers, sunsets, mountainscapes and oceans. I am comfortable because somehow the composition just seems to come out right. I am less comfortable photographing things, but I understand I need to practice at these sorts of things to get better.

As I wrote last night, photography starts with a vision. I thought it might be interesting to photograph some of Springfield’s coffee shops. I love great coffee and frequently find myself in some interesting and amazing shops around town. Perhaps one of the most unique concepts for a coffee shop is a place called The Hub – Bikes & Beans. The owners have taken their two passions and opened a coffee shop that reflects what they enjoy. They collect vintage bicycles and make incredible coffee. This evening I enjoyed a glass of cold brewed iced coffee made from Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Expresso Blend while I wandered around the shop enjoying their collection.

Be sure to click on my Flickr feed in the menu bar for another HDR photo from this shop.

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